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New Discount scheme is coming soon
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Switzerland is our new study destination
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Kathmandu, Nepal.
Tel : +977- 01- 123456
Email: info@fusion.edu.np

About Us

Fusion Nepal was established as an education promoting organization in April 2006. It provides substantial support to ambitious Nepalese students who wish to do well in life through proper higher education. Its office is conveniently located in Koteshwor, Kathmandu . A student-friendly organization, Fusion Nepal remains up to date with the national and international education developments and guides Nepalese youths to better careers. Fusion Nepal is run by a small team of competent professionals.

Educational Development
Students receive sincere guidance as to their academic betterment suited to their individual potentialities. Who should go in for what course of study is our primary concern.

The Company:
Registered with the Government of Nepal, Fusion Nepal is licensed to:

1.Provide consultancy service to Nepalese students wishing to pursue higher studies at overseas colleges and universities.

2. Provide relevant information to Nepalese students studying abroad and help them abide by the Law, Rules, and Regulations of the countries in which they are studying.

3. Conduct visa preparation classes for students wishing to study abroad.

4. Conduct classes for various languages.

5.Disseminate information on the visa and documentation procedures and guide eligible students to gaining placements at international universities/campuses/schools.
6.Conduct Tuition/Coaching to enhance the academic standard of the students of the various schools and colleges.

7. Prepare students for the IELTS/TOEFL/SAT/GRE/GMAT.

8.Make prior arrangements, obtain necessary permissions, give full training, and make necessary arrangements for students wanting to study abroad.

9.Train up people on the essential education, management, time management, leadership management, and financial management for their all-round development.

10.Obtain necessary permissions from the concerned authorities for the implementation of the above functions.

Why us?
  • Fusion Nepal is even social worker
  • The especial classes with lowest cost
  • The training for TOFEL, IELTS, GRE, SAT, GMAT
  • The international training for Germany, Jhapan,English
  • Korean, Russia, china
  • Inliidual classes with different teachers

Raju Shrestha
I am Raju Shrestha. I have been studying at Ayr College, Scotland. Here I found quality education at the NCF level in Hospitality Management. The college is very equipped, and all facilities are provided to international students. The teachers are very friendly and helpful for assisting to solve the private problems and job search. The college is multicultural and also very safe. The city of Aye in Scotland is very beautiful. The Fusion Nepal had guided me to Scotland, so my dream has been fulfilled. Thank you very much Fusion Nepal
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