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Switzerland is our new study destination
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Kathmandu, Nepal.
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The biggest change to the SAT will be he introduction of a new Writing section. The Writing section will consists of two parts: an essay and a multiple-choice section. Students will be given 25 minutes to respond to a prompt and construct a well-organized essay that effectively addresses the task. The essay question may require students to complete a statement, to react to a quote or an excerpt, or to agree or disagree with a point of view. In any case, a good essay will support the chosen position with specific reasons and examples from literature, history, art, science, current affairs, or even a student's own experiences.
Essays will be scored based on the procedures for the current SAT II: Writing Test. Essay will be grated by two independent readers on a scale of 1-6, and their two scores will be combined to form an essay subscore that ranges from 2 to 12. Should the readers' scores vary by more than 2 points, a third reader will score the essay. The readers will be high school teachers and college professors who teach composition. To ensure that essay will be scored in a timely manner, they will be scanned and made available to readers on the Internet for grading purposes.

The New Writing Section - Multiple - Choice
The writing section will also include multiple -choice grammar and usage questions. Some of these questions will call upon students to improve given sentences and paragraphs. Others will present students with sentences and require them to identify mistakes in diction, grammar, sentence construction, subject-verb agreement, proper word usage, and wordiness.
The highest possible score on the new Writing section will be 800. scores on the essay and multiple-choice section will be combined to produce a single score. A writing subscore will also be assigned. The highest possible scores on the Critical Reading and Math sections will remain 800each, making 2400 a perfect score on the new SAT. 

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  • Fusion Nepal is even social worker
  • The especial classes with lowest cost
  • The training for TOFEL, IELTS, GRE, SAT, GMAT
  • The international training for Germany, Jhapan,English
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  • Inliidual classes with different teachers

Raju Shrestha
I am Raju Shrestha. I have been studying at Ayr College, Scotland. Here I found quality education at the NCF level in Hospitality Management. The college is very equipped, and all facilities are provided to international students. The teachers are very friendly and helpful for assisting to solve the private problems and job search. The college is multicultural and also very safe. The city of Aye in Scotland is very beautiful. The Fusion Nepal had guided me to Scotland, so my dream has been fulfilled. Thank you very much Fusion Nepal
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