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Kathmandu, Nepal.
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More than 3600 accredited colleges and universities in the US offer more than 900 degree programs. There is a large number of programs to choose from, meaning there is something for everyone. More than 600,000 international students have presently been pursuing further education in the United States.

Why choose United States as a study destination
It is one of the world's leading nations, both in industry and technology. Its economy remains the strongest. In technological advances it is a leader. A nation of diverse cultures, the U S has 1 out of 15 people residing there, or more than 20 million of its people, hailing from other countries around the world. Foreigners are more easily assimilated in the US community than in others. The US schools have close links with the leading industries, business and commerce houses and this enables students get good employment opportunities and also internship facilities.
A US university/college education fetches special opportunities. Their new environment provides students with thrilling opportunities. The classroom exposes international students to a rich variety of new approaches and wide perspectives. And outside the classroom, they gainfully interact with their peers and professors who come from different cultures.
A US education can even be a turning point in one's career because of the firsthand insight they get into the world's burning political, social, and economic issues. The other major achievements being self-confidence, cross-cultural awareness, and receptiveness to novel ideas and other values. Employers throughout the world recognize such assets.
Of all the study destinations the US is the first choice for international students. 30 out of 100 current international students in the world are studying in that country. The key factors that make U.S. education so popular are:

The US higher education system has an international reputation for high quality. Both at the undergraduate and graduate levels key programs in almost all the fields of study are available. World renowned faculties are inducted by many US universities to come to the the forefront of research and technological development. Their libraries, laboratories, computers, and other important resources are their cutting-edge facilities.

International students have a vast range of opportunities in the United States. They have ample choices from among the 3600 diverse higher education institutions across the States.

Academic Life
Flexibility is a hall mark of US education. Universities at the undergraduate level lay stress on a broad and well-rounded education. Before deciding on a specialization awide range of classe is offered in subjects like maths, science, arts, social science, and languages.
Courses can be offered in related fields even at the graduate level. Because of the many options available students can be actively engaged in designing their course schedules. Even combining academic classes with work experience that will be recognized as part of the degree program is possible. Qualified staff are on hand at most institutions to help students choose the best course to attain their academic goals.
In the classroom learning process, students are encouraged to be active participants. The faculty expect and welcome student input and encourage them to develop and express their own ideas and queries.

U.S.A. in Shotcut
Capital : Washington, D.C.
Largest city : New York City
Official language(s) : English de facto
Government : Federal Republic
President : George W. Bush (R)
Vice President :Dick Cheney (R)
Population : 2006 est. 299,102,661
Currency : United States dollar ($) (USD)
Calling code : +1

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  • Fusion Nepal is even social worker
  • The especial classes with lowest cost
  • The training for TOFEL, IELTS, GRE, SAT, GMAT
  • The international training for Germany, Jhapan,English
  • Korean, Russia, china
  • Inliidual classes with different teachers

Raju Shrestha
I am Raju Shrestha. I have been studying at Ayr College, Scotland. Here I found quality education at the NCF level in Hospitality Management. The college is very equipped, and all facilities are provided to international students. The teachers are very friendly and helpful for assisting to solve the private problems and job search. The college is multicultural and also very safe. The city of Aye in Scotland is very beautiful. The Fusion Nepal had guided me to Scotland, so my dream has been fulfilled. Thank you very much Fusion Nepal
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