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Kathmandu, Nepal.
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In recent times, Australia has emerged as one of the favorite destinations for higher education and has built a strong reputation for educational excellence. Currently, there are 200 000 international students pursuing different types of courses at different levels in the country. Education in the country offers the students with new and varied opportunities. At the same time, the students experience an all-new world replete with unparalleled experiences. The programs offered in the universities are world-class and have worldwide recognition and a reputation for excellence.

Moreover, the relaxed and safe lifestyle is another factor why students increasingly choose Australia for higher education. Comparatively, the cost of education and living is also lower for the standards of education that Australian universities are second to none.
Australia’s rapid emergence on the international education scene has attracted huge number of students. In fact, Australia has a higher percentage of international students than the US or the UK. Cheaper courses are another reason why students prefer the country for further education. The country has a national set of education that has been endorsed by the national government. Entry into the Australian universities is tough as there is a high degree of competition. English proficiency is a must for both under graduate and postgraduate studies.

Australia in Shortcut

Capital: Canberra
Largest City: Sydney
Area: 7,741,220 sq km (6th)
Official Languages: English
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Queen – Elizabeth II
Governor General – Michael Jeffery
Prime Minister – John Howard
Population: 20,555,300 (as per 2006 est.)
Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)
Calling Code: +61

Why us?
  • Fusion Nepal is even social worker
  • The especial classes with lowest cost
  • The training for TOFEL, IELTS, GRE, SAT, GMAT
  • The international training for Germany, Jhapan,English
  • Korean, Russia, china
  • Inliidual classes with different teachers

Raju Shrestha
I am Raju Shrestha. I have been studying at Ayr College, Scotland. Here I found quality education at the NCF level in Hospitality Management. The college is very equipped, and all facilities are provided to international students. The teachers are very friendly and helpful for assisting to solve the private problems and job search. The college is multicultural and also very safe. The city of Aye in Scotland is very beautiful. The Fusion Nepal had guided me to Scotland, so my dream has been fulfilled. Thank you very much Fusion Nepal
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